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The links on this page will hopefully eventually build into a directory covering
all wargaming hobby activities in Ireland. If you have any additions, please
let us know. Please note that we
cannot take any responsibility for the quality or otherwise of any of the
commercial services listed here, we're just trying to help you locate them!

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Wargames Clubs

All clubs have game identifiers listed in brackets after their name describing
the types of games they mainly play. The game identifiers are as follows:

Hist - Historical wargames
GW - Games Workshop games
RPG - Role-playing games
BG - Boardgames

Bad Company Wargames Society (GW) based in Bangor, N. Ireland. Contact
Simon Richardson at

Ballyfermot Games Club
(BG, RPG) based in Ballyfermot, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland. Website gone

Gaming Club
(GW, RPG, BG) based in Belvedere school, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland Seems inactive, mailing list just shows spam.

Drogheda Gamers (GW, BG, CG) based in Drogheda, Rep of IrelandLink not working?

Dublin Games Guild (Hist, GW,
RPG, BG) based in Dublin City centre, Rep. of Ireland.

Dublin University (Trinity)
(Hist, GW, BG, RPG) based in Trinity College Dublin, Rep. of Ireland.

Fanatic Nobbs Wargaming Club (GW)
based in Longford, Rep. of Ireland.

Forgotten Legacy (GW, BG, RPG)
based in Waterford, Rep. of Ireland.

Green Machine Gamers (GMG) (Hist, GW) based in Kildare, Rep. of Ireland. Contact Piers Brand (

The Gathering Wargames Club (Hist) based in Limerick, Rep. of Ireland

The Hive (GW, BG) based in Drogheda, Co.Louth, Rep of Ireland. Contact Declan Kelly at

Munster Wargames Group
(Hist) based in Cork, Rep. of Ireland

North Down
(Hist, GW) based in Newtownards, N. Ireland.

Northern Tribe (GW) based in Portrush, N. Ireland. Contact Robert Andrew McCarroll at

Northern Wasters (GW)
based in Belfast and Ballymena, N. Ireland. Conact Shaun at

North Wexford Gamer (GW)
based in Gory, Co. Wexford, Rep of Ireland. Conact Nigel Kavanagh
NUI Maynooth Games Soc.
(GW, BG, RPG), based in NUI Maynooth, Rep. of Ireland

QUB DragonSlayers (Hist, GW,
RPG, BG) based in Queens University Belfast, N. Ireland.

Sligo Wargames Club
(Hist, BG?) based in Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, Rep. of Ireland.  Contact
Darren Birt at

STOCS - DCU Gaming
, (GW, BG, RPG) based in Dublin City University, Rep. of Ireland.

Table Top North, (GW, Hist,
RPG, BG) based in Belfast, N. Ireland

based in UCC, Cork, Rep. of Ireland.

, (Hist, GW), based in Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh, N. Ireland.

The Wild Geese
(Hist) based in Rathfarnam, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland.

UCD Games Soc (GW, BG, RPG)
based in UCD, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland

UL Games Society (GW,
BG, RPG), based in University of Limerick, Rep. of Ireland.

The Ulster Wargames Society (Hist) based in Belfast, N. Ireland.

The Underground Gamers (GW, RPG) Based in Dublin city centre, Rep. of Ireland. Contact

Miniature Manufacturers

Games Workshop, 2 shops
in Dublin, 1 in Belfast - GW range of miniatures, games and accessories.

One Tree
, by Mark Kiernan, N. Ireland

Prince August, Co. Cork,
Rep. of Ireland - Cast yourself 25mm Napolenoic and Fantasy, Mithril
miniatures, collectable miniatures, paints and supplies.

Painting Services

Painting Service
, Co. Kildare, Rep. of Ireland - contact
Piers Brand.

Advance Guard,
Co. Cork, Rep. of Ireland - Peter
will paint any wargames miniatures you need for reasonable rates.

Brian Bull, N. Ireland.

Campaign Colours, Foyle,
N. Ireland

John Lavery, Belfast, N. Ireland - high quality painting service.
Contact John at

The One Tree, N.
Ireland. Run by Mark Kernan

Paul Murphy, Belfast, N. Ireland -

, Rep. of Ireland

The Minikingdom, Co. Cork, Rep. of Ireland - contact
Jay Xealous.

TNK Models, Enniskillen, N.

Model Shops in Dublin

All Models, Blessington St - Large selection of model kits.

Marks Models, Hawkins St and Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre - Large
range of model kits, plastic miniatures, flock and other terrain making materials
also basic modelling materials such as plasticard, balsa, etc.

The Model Shop, Capel St. - Large range of radio-controlled models,
kits and basic materials for modelling.

Games Shops

Arkham Gaming Centre,26 Gleno Village
Larne, BT40 3LG, TEL: 02828 267951 - claims to be the largest gaming shop in all of Ireland!

Gamers Realm, Galway, Rep
of Ireland - a new games shop stocking games workshop wargames as well as
RPGs etc.

Games Workshop, Liffey
St. and Blanchardstown in Dublin and also a Belfast shop. - Large range of
GW miniatures, games and accessories. Includes paints, flocking materials
and other generally useful stuff.

The Gathering, Limerick,
Rep of Ireland - stockists of wargames accessories as well as the usual RPGs
and boardgames.

Models Inc. - Irish company selling
fantasy miniatures from Games Workshop, Rackham, Privateer press and Mongoose.

Other Realm, 4 Careys Lane,
Cork, Rep of Ireland - stock GW, board games, card games, accessories, paints,
RPGs, comics, sci-fi books and DVDs.Tel 021 4222224 email:

Replay, 97 High St., Bangor, Co. Down, N.Ireland. Tel (028) 9145 2210
- computer games, RPGs and boardgames.

Sub-City, Exchequer St., Dublin, Rep of Ireland and also Galway -
mainly a comic shop with some RPGs and boardgames.


Cu Glas, Dublin,
Rep. of Ireland - Re-enactment Group.

Gael Agus Gall,
Leixlip, Co.Kildare, rep. of Ireland -  Irish Living History during
the Viking Age.

The Great War Association
of Ireland
- WWI re-enactors.

Irish Arms - Historical
reproductions of period artifacts, utensils, weapons, armour, clothing, etc.

The Irish History Company,
Sligo, Rep. of Ireland

The Leinster
Reenactment Group
, Kildare?, Rep. of Ireland - Norman, Viking and
Early medieval reenactment.

Living History, Dublin,
Rep of Ireland - 150BC to 1600AD reenactment.

Montague Heritage Services,
Gorey. Co. Wexford, Rep of Ireland - reproductions etc

Preachan Fuiteach,
Limerick, Rep. of Ireland - Dark ages to 16th Century reneactors.

Royal Dublin Fusiliers

- Living History group.

Shields of the
Shattered Isle
, Belfast, N.Ireland - Re-enactment Group

Society of Knights,
Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, Rep. of Ireland - Norman re-enactors.

Personal Pages of Wargamers in Ireland

An Irish Games & Comics Site
by Jim Lucas
- Includes Irish Battletech Ratings.
Richard Aynsley's wargaming site - Competition reports, photos of his armies.

Rob Brennan's DBM Tournaments
- Resources for organisers of DBM (and general wargames)

Irish Military History

The Celt Project, UCC, Rep.
of Ireland - Many Irish historical documents online. Includes translated
versions of the various Annals etc.

Military Heritage
of Ireland, Rep. of Ireland - Organise guides tours of Irish
battlefields etc.

Military History Society of Ireland,
Newman House, University College, 86 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Rep. of
Ireland. Publishers of "The Irish Sword - The Journal of the Military History
Society of Ireland".

Schull Books, Cork, Rep.
of Ireland - Specialist military history bookstore.


The Celtic Championship

- homepage of this international DBM competition.

RINIWA DBM Ratings - website
with current Glicko ratings for DBM players in Ireland and also DBM competition
calendar, DBM 200 rules for Ireland etc.

The Republic of Ireland and Northern
Ireland Wargames Association (RINIWA)
- homepage for this new association
to represent competition wargamers in Ireland.

A&P Display, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland. tel. (01) 456 5620 - they
sell magnetic material ("Gloss white faced magnetic PVC, 2800gsm")
suitable for storing figures in metal containers such as toolboxes.

WHFB Ireland -
a new tournament-oriented organisation for WHFB in Ireland